Estate Planning vs Will

estate planning vs will

Estate Planning vs Will.  In this corner, weighing in at just 98 pounds soaking wet is Will.  In the other corner, weighing in at 220 pounds is Estate Planning.

Estate Planning is a process.  A Will is just one tool in the toolbox of estate planning.

Estate planning starts by unmasking your goals for the future and getting them on the table.  Then it looks at what is going on now and what prompted you to think about planning.  Once all of this has been uncovered a good planner will take a look at your assets and liabilities.  Once this is done, the decision as to what plan fits your situation the best can be made.

A Will, or Last Will and Testament, is just one document that a planner can use. A Will is a document that tells the Judge how you want your property distributed to your heirs and beneficiaries.  It does nothing to protect you or your family during your lifetime.  A Will only captures your wishes for your final distribution.

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