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Estate Planning

Wills * Trusts * Avoid probate * Avoid Losing Control * Avoid Taxes * Take care of your children * and More…

Writing an estate plan can be scary but it is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Making your wishes clear will save your family money, time, and energy. Making it clear what you have and to who you want it to go will save them money, time, and energy. Being open and up front with your spouse, children, family, and friends is one of the best ways to avoid probate and stop dreaded family squabbling or at least keep it to a minimum.

  • Protect you and your family financially, emotionally, and physically because you love them
  • Feel more secure that you and your family can handle situations as they arise in a proactive way
  • Feel the peace of mind knowing that you and your family are ready and prepared
  • Escape the fear and worry of knowing your loved ones will suffer emotionally and financially when things could have been prepared and prearranged ahead of time
  • Escape the worry that you and your family will be caught flat footed without a plan
  • Save your family time and money by preparing now

Imagine… Honest, Friendly, Personal Service from an Estate Planning Attorney

Friendly, knowledgeable service

Personal attention from an estate planning attorney or probate attorney, not a paralegal or other “specialist.”

Out attorneys use the latest, peer reviewed, processes and documentation so you get the best possible outcome.

Meet Gary DeWitt – Estate Planning Lawyer

Gary DeWitt Attorney-at-Law

I know what it’s like to create your own estate plan…  I understand that it can be a difficult thing to do, but once your’re done, you will have peace of mind and know that you’ve done the right  thing for your family and yourself.

I’ve created 100’s of plans, each one as important as the last, including my own plan. As a parent, I wanted my children protected, and for any transition to be as easy as possible.  I also wanted to know who would be in charge, of my personal, legal, financial, and healthcare affairs if I couldn’t manage them.

Planning isn’t just about passing your assets to the next generation. It’s about transferring your values, traditions, and stories.  It’s about creating new opportunities.  It’s about making it better for the next generation.

I welcome the opportunity to help you create your plan too for your peace of mind.

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Thank you again for being such nice people. I was very on edge about all of this. Thanks for taking the time to make me feel at ease and helping me through this process.

Springdale, Arkansas

Estate Planning
Estate Planning
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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning
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10 Top Secrets of Excellent Estate Planning

What You Don’t Know Can
Hurt You and Your Family
Create Unneeded Stress and Frustrations
Cost You and Your Family Thousands of Unnecessary Dollars

The Best Way to Protect You, Your Family, and Money Without Probate, Court, Unnecessary Taxes, Family Fights, or Huge Legal Bills

How it Works…

1. Schedule an Appointment

The introductory meeting is designed to clarify and understand your unique concerns and values.

2. Together We Create a Plan

Based on your concerns and goals, we will provide you with a customized plan designed to address your specific needs and worries.

3. Get Peace of Mind

With your plan drafted and implemented, we’ll have you feeling a newfound sense of peace of mind in no time.

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Frequently Asked Estate Planning Questions

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How much does it cost to do estate planning?

It is very common for a lawyer to charge a flat fee for estate planning. The prices can range from just a few hundred dollars for one simple document to thousands of dollars for a complex estate.

The low end for an attorney drafted simple will is about $375.

What do you mean by estate planning?

Estate planning is creating instructions for the orderly handling of your affairs and assets in case of mental disability, legal incapacity, and more.

Your estate plan is more than just a Last Will and Testament. Yes, distributing your money and other property when you pass away is part of it, but not everything that a plan is.  All adults would benefit from an estate plan. It allows adults to plan and prepare for eventualities like medical issues, dementia, and taking care of spouse and children.

Some of the reasons for estate planning are:

Minimizing taxes to maximize what your family gets
Making sure your healthcare wishes are known and how your affairs are managed in case of a medical incident, accident, dementia, or illness
Naming a guardian for minor children
Preventing family fights over you, your affairs, and your stuff
Giving your loved ones peace of mind that your affairs are in order and they will be taken care of

What documents are needed for estate planning?

Every plan should include the following:
* Will and/or Trust
* Durable power of attorney
* Beneficiary designations
* Healthcare power of attorney
* Living Will
* POD/TOD designations

What is the difference between a Will and estate planning?