Estate Planning

Why is Estate Planning Such a Powerful Way to Prevent Probate; Avoid Unnecessary Taxes; Protect Your Loved Ones Inheritance & Your Future to get the Peace of Mind You Deserve?

  • Prevent Probate
  • Eliminate mayhem
  • Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney

What if an Outsider ends up in charge of your money and affairs?  If you don’t write your own plan then that is just what could happen.

Then, they make the choice of who gets what when and how much.

Don’t Let That Happen to You or Your Family.

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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

The phrase “Estate Planning” is Probably the Worst Choice of Words ever…

Maybe a better term would be “Personal Protection Planning” or just “Planning Ahead.”

The word “estate” conjures up images of big houses and a lot of money.  Don’t let the word estate fool you. It doesn’t mean a big house and a pile of money to burn.

Estate in law means “the stuff you have” or a “collection of property.” We all have an estate. Even if it just your clothes, that is your estate.

But, you have much more important things to protect than just your stuff. You have a set of fundamental rights that can get ripped away by a judge.  Naturally, you don’t want that, right.

You have the rights to:

  • Make your own financial decisions
  • Make your own legal decisions
  • Make you own healthcare decisions – including refusing treatment
  • Give what you have to who you want, when you want, how you want
  • and much, much more…

Estate Planning protects your family and shows how much you love them by making a Last Will and Testament, putting a Durable Power of Attorney in place, creating a Living Will, making arrangements today, and more. . .

Are You Aware Without Your Estate Plan, the Results Can Be Devastating to You and Your Family?

With a PlanWithout a Plan
Prevent Probate – Save Your Family From pounding headaches, large expense, and lengthy timeThe State has decided how your stuff is to be divided and when people get it.  All decisions overseen and directed by a Judge.
Stay in control of who gets your stuff, how it is used, and when they get itThe Law of the State and a Judge decide who, when, and how much.  This is where most families end up fighting.
Control who manages your affairs and how when you can’t.  Your private affairs remain private.The State says somebody must step up and get a guardianship over you and your stuff.  Then the laws and judges must be kept informed.  Your private affairs become public.
Preplan for Long Term CareLong Term Care becomes an emergency
Save Money – Probate, unnecessary taxes, and moreThe cost of settling your affairs can be higher than you expect

Get Your Affairs in Order

By putting your affairs in order, not only are you putting practical steps in place to ensure the well-being of you and your loved ones but you are also shaping your legacy in a meaningful way.

Deciding what will happen to your home, your financial assets, and your personal possessions after your passing can be a difficult process.

However, if you don’t take the time to make these decisions now, the courts may end up dividing your property for you.  If you don’t take the time to plan, a court may decide to let somebody else make your decisions. 

Both options take money and time that away from your family.

You have two choices, and only one of them makes sense…

You can continue as is and leave you, your family, and your assets at risk


Plan to positively impact those who love and need you so that even IF there were a situation where you can no longer financially or emotional support others, you can still maintain control over your life, money, and legacy while protecting you, your family, and your money.

Now, the Good News

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning protects you and your assets now and what you pass to your spouse and children later.  Estate Planning is being prepared for the unexpected events of life.

Effective Estate Planning eliminates risks, doubts, and uncertainty.  Effective Estate Planning keeps your assets out of jeopardy.

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