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Estate Planning for Northwest Arkansas

Provide for Family | Protect Loved Ones | Safeguard What You Have | Peace of Mind

Imagine, when your estate plan is done, how good you’ll feel, and the peace of mind you’ll experience, not to mention the relief your family will experience, knowing you have avoided the cost and stress of Probate and avoided unnecessary legal hassles on you and your family

estate planning protects families in northwest Arkansas

Protect Your Family

We know how important legacy is to every family we work with, so we take every step to ensure your family is safe even when you’re gone.

Prevent probate with estate planning

Avoid Probate

We also know how important it is to avoid probate. With just a little careful planning it’s possible to avoid probate.

Stay out of probate court with an estate plan

Protect Yourself

An overlooked aspect of estate planning is ensuring you are protected when you are unable to do so. We’ll take care of all of your needs.

What’s at Risk?

Without a plan, your family is facing a long, costly, tiring court process after your passing or in case of your incapacity.

What Our Clients Say

DeWitt Law Firm’s Process


We listen to you and identify what matters most to you – wants, goals, worries, and concerns


We explain, in plain English, what is involved and what your options are


We discuss the legal issues involved and advise you on the consequences of each option


After we Listen, Explain, and Advise, only then will we Prescribe a solution for your peace of mind.

How Can We Help You?

Estate Planning Frequently Asked Questions

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