Planning for Children

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Estate Planning for Parents and Children

What is your most valuable treasure?  Have you arranged for their care and well being if something would happen to you and their other parent?

  • Does the thought of your child being in foster care for even one night terrify you?
  • Do you want input as to who raises them, or leave it to an impersonal Probate Judge?
  • Who will manage the money?
  • Who will care for my baby in the event I become hospitalized long-term?
  • If my kids are minors, can I designate one person to care for them financially and another person to care for their person?
  • If my significant other and I are not married, what happens to our kids if one of us should die?

What You Must Do

Your plan needs to name somebody to administer your money, name a guardian for minor children, provide instructions for your assets, and name somebody to manage inheritance for the children until they are old enough to manage on their own, and plan for disability – yours and theirs.

Be Meticulous

Your family is very important. Plan for their well-being in advance as much as you possibly can with legally effective and binding documents. When preparing your Estate Plan, seek the advice and assistance from an Attorney to help you complete a valid and lawful plan. There are plenty of self-help options out there or even non-attorney professionals that claim to help you prepare your Estate Plan at low rates. Be aware that planning a complete Estate Plan requires plenty of analysis and consideration. Seek the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney for this special moment in your life when you plan for your loved ones.

A qualified estate planning attorney for moms can help you analyze your family circumstances and prepare documents customized for you. Call this office and learn how we can help.