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Would You Like to Avoid Probate, Eliminate Taxes, Protect Your Family, or Protect Your Money?

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We’ll work with you to come up with a plan to meet your goals to avoid probate and keep you or your family, not the courts, in control of your freedom to make your own decisions, healthcare, money, and other property. 

Why Choose Us?

You have goals.  Goals for your life, family, and money. We put your goals at the top of our minds. Your goals are our #1 priority.  We care about your goals as much as you do. 

We are an estate planning firm.  We do estate planning, and we do it well.  Most of our practice is dedicated to estate planning.  The rest is dedicated to those that didn’t plan.  We know what can happen without a plan and work to keep that from happening.

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Planning is More Than a Stack of Documents

Planning is part documents, part advice, and part process. Only the proper mixture of those three things creates a great plan.

Save Money, Time, Headaches, and Hassles

I can guarantee that planning costs less, takes less time, and creates fewer hassles than the alternative.

Unique 3 Step Planning System

We’ve worked hard to make planning easy for you.

Gary DeWitt

There is Only One Surefire Way to Avoid Probate, Minimize Taxes, Protect Their Inheritance, and Stay in Control

Hi, my name is Gary DeWitt.  I am the founder of DeWitt Law and in all my years of handling estates and matters like yours, I know there is only one surefire way to avoid probate and have best possible outcome – that is to act now and plan. The faster you act, the better off you’ll be.  That’s why I’ve made the next step very simple. Call us know so we can tell you exactly what to do next. It is free and there is no obligation to hire us. You have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.

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very best lawyer

Recently, I had a client I was helping with a real estate transaction that needed help with their estate planning. I felt 100% confident referring them to Gary DeWitt. My client came back and was thrilled with the way Gary respectfully and competently handled her affairs. Gary is a man of integrity that I have known since our days in Law School, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Bryan Gibson | Attorney-at-Law

Gary is an attorney who is down to earth, honest and cares about his clients. When he was working on my trust, he was very thorough and explained all details in easy to understand terms.  Gary is very personable, which you rarely find in an attorney, making for a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Gary DeWitt!

Keith B. | Client

Gary DeWitt was an absolute pleasure to work with.  He walked me through the entire guardianship process and addressed all of my concerns. He is a very intelligent, capable, and professional attorney. I would like to thank the Dewitt Law Firm for their expertise and professionalism in handling our family’s guardianship case. Gary and Winnie were outstanding and really put my mind at ease during the entire process. I highly recommend him and his staff.

Jennifer K. | Client

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Sleep Well Knowing Your Affairs are in Order

Go to sleep tonight knowing that everything has finally been taken care of. Give us a call now to schedule a strategy session.

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