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estate planning stars

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estate planning stars

We have trusted DeWitt Law Firm with our estate planning! We are pleased that all our t’s are crossed and our eyes dotted! Thank you Gary and Winnie!

Fayetteville, Arkansas

estate planning stars

Thank you again for being such nice people. I was very on edge about all of this. Thanks for taking the time to make me feel at ease and helping me through this process.

Springdale, Arkansas

Estate Planning – For Peace of Mind & Safety

Avoid the aftermath. Writing an estate is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Making your wishes clear will save them money, time, and energy. Being open and up front with your spouse, children, family, and friends is one of the best ways to avoid probate with its aftermath and stop dreaded family squabbling or at least keep it to a minimum.

Probate? Don’t Know What to do? 

Losing a loved one is tough…but making it through the maze of the courts makes it tougher.

You take care of you & your family…We take care of the navigating the maze and complexity of Probate step by step as quickly and painlessly as possible.

How We Work Together

1 – Schedule Your Appointment


2 – Enjoy a Free Listening and Needs Assessment Session


3 – Execute


10 Top Secrets of Successful Estate Planning

What You Don’t Know Can
Hurt You and Your Family
Create Unneeded Stress and Frustrations
Cost You and Your Family Thousands of Unnecessary Dollars

The Best Way to Protect You, Your Family, and Money Without Probate, Court, Unnecessary Taxes, Family Fights, or Huge Legal Bills

Courteous, Friendly, Personal Estate Planning & Probate Service 

Courteous service always.

Personal attention from an estate planning attorney or probate attorney, not a paralegal or other “specialist.”

Out attorneys use the latest, peer reviewed, processes and documentation so you get the best possible outcome.

Meet The Team Northwest Arkansas Estate Planning & Probate

Gary DeWitt Attorney-at-Law

The Best Part of Being a Lawyer is You

What motivates me everyday is helping you. Meeting you, hearing your stories & helping you create an effective plan to protect you and your family; secure your assets; and gain peace of mind.

Planning isn’t just about passing your assets to the next generation. It’s about transferring your values, traditions, and stories.  It’s about creating new opportunities.  It’s about making it better for the next generation.

Gary makes a thorough and diligent effort to understand your family’s values, needs and goals.  Gary does this by taking the time to listen to you – dreams, desires, & worries.  Only then does he work with you to make a custom plan crafted to your dreams, desires, and to give you peace of mind.

Custom Solutions

Gary works to create a customized solution, tailored to your values, needs, desires & goals to give you peace of mind and quality of life. Gary also takes the time to make sure each plan is implemented correctly. 

Read More About Gary…

Winnie DeWitt

I am a native of Arkansas, having been in and around Northwest Arkansas most of my life.  I have lived in Springdale for the past 16 years working, playing and raising our 2 children, Madeline and Aaron.

My goal is to assist every person who comes through our doors.  I do my best to help people get the best service in a caring environment in a timely manner.  I am dedicated to returning phones calls with answers!  Our office is here to serve and we love having our clients feel welcome to drop by when they need us.

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