Estate Planning Prices    Probate Prices

Ways to Pay

Starting as low as $50 per week, we have multiple ways to pay…

  1. Layaway. You make affordable weekly payments until the entire amount is paid. Then we do the work. Your money is held in a separate account until we do the work.
  2. Small down payment. You pay down as little as $250 and make affordable weekly payments until payment is complete. We do the work starting immediately.
  3. 1/2 down and 1/2 at signing.  Your money is held in a separate account until it is earned.

Estate Planning

Included in Every Plan

  • “Secure Your Future” Meeting
  • Time taken to give your unique case the attention it deserves
  • An Attorney Does ALL THE WORK – Not a paralegal or secretary
  • Unlimited phone calls, email, and meetings during the planning process
  • Access too our team of trusted professionals for insurance, financial planning, final arrangements, home services, and more
  • Current knowledge
  • Local legal advice
  • The comfort of having a trusted family attorney your family can count on now and in the future
  • Minor changes for 1 year – $500 value
  • Unlimited questions for 1 year – $500 value
Power PackageDurable Power of Attorney(s), Healthcare Power of Attorney, Medical Information Waiver (HIPAA Waiver), and Advance Directive (Living Will).$480$600
Will PackagePower Package + Last Will and Testament, and Beneficiary Deed.$880$1,100

Trust Package

Family wealth is transferred to heirs without probate hanging over their heads.

Power Package, Pour over Will, Deed to Trust, Revocable Living Trust, Personal Property Memorandum, Certificate of Trust, Trust Affidavit…$1,900$2,300

Advance Trust Package

Clients choosing the Advanced Trust Package may also opt to protect their beneficiary’s inheritance from lawsuits, future spouses and estate taxes. Protects your heirs.

Trust Package and advanced trust planning.  $2,500$3,200
In Addition to AboveCost
Additional Deeds$225
Special Needs Trust$1,250

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Probate can be by the hour or percentage.  If by the hour, it is $225/hour.  The percentages are set by statute.  For most estates, hourly works out better.

For a small estate, the fee is 2.0% of the estate with a $500 minimum.  Or we can arrange it by the hour, again with a $500 minimum.

The Cut Rate

Can you get the work done for less (and much more…)?  Yes you can.  I bet if you price shop, then you will be able to find somebody in the area that will work for less… But is that lawyer on the cutting edge of malpractice?  Will the attorney be able to give your unique situation the time it deserves?

Ask all of these questions

  • Do you specialize in estate planning?
  • Do you do ALL of the work personally? Or do you have a secretary or paralegal do the work?
  • What do I get for your price? Do I get drafts for review?
  • Do you help me re-title my assets?
  • Is your fee a fixed fee or are there other costs?

Additional Pricing

We know there is no such thing as a one size fits all plan when protecting you and your family.  Because of this, we can tailor a package to fit each family’s needs.

Which option do think will be best for you where you will get the result you are looking for?

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