Arkansas Elder Law

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What is Elder Law?

Elder Law touches on all of the issues of aging.

  • Medicare,
  • Social Security,
  • Guardianship proceedings,
  • Estate planning,
  • Financing nursing home care,
  • Pension and other retirement plans,
  • Elder abuse, and
  • Family matters, such as grandparent visitation and even divorce.

Elder Law Issues

When we reach our twilight years, we want to know that life’s more difficult decisions in estate and elder planning have been resolved.

Big decisions create unnecessary stress for Seniors. Our knowledge of Elder law can help answer your questions about:

Medicaid and Medicare

  • Medicaid planning and acceptance-  Helping you navigate the labyrinth of Medicaid issues to insure the help with you need it.
  • Medicare Issues – Healthcare is priority one for Seniors. We can be sure to have this in order to prevent costly delays in healthcare expenses.

Disability and Social Security

  • Disability and Social Security-  Advance approvals, government paperwork and red tape can take forever to handle.

Health and Long Term Care

  • Long term care – Who decides where you go if long term rehab or healthcare is needed?
  • Health and physical requirements – As we age, our physical needs change and we need a plan that adapts to those needs.

Dreams and Stability

  • Bucket list – What dreams and desires did you have for your Golden years? Plan now to provide for your future needs.
  • Financial Stability – Protection of our monetary assets need attention now so that it is there when you need it.
  • Safe place to live – Protecting your home and property insuring that you keep what you have worked for.
  • Late life goals – Financial goals, vacation, travel or family. Planning now protects those goals.