Protect a Lifetime of Hard Work

Quality of Life – Peace of Mind

If you were unable to take care of yourself or your family, you and they can have to endure

  1. Hassles with court and lawyers to manage your affairs
  2. Financial hardships and insecurity
  3. Trouble with doctors and the hospital not cooperating with your family
  4. Family infighting over your affairs and stuff

You can prevent hassles and family turmoil with a plan.

Hi, I’m Gary.  At DeWitt Law Firm we believe in empowering you with information about your options.

I wrote the book Secrets of Excellent Estate Planning, so you know what to do. I’m giving this book to you free because I’ve seen too many people make regrettable mistakes without reliable information.

A Treasure Trove of Information” – P.V.

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  • Dangers of Not Planning
  • 37 Dreadful, Disastrous Mistakes [How to Avoid Them]
  • 19 Smart Ways to Protect Your Assets
  • Shocking Truths of Estate Planning
  • Insider Secrets to Protect Your Children and Their Inheritance
  • Why a Will Alone is Almost Never Enough
  • Maintain Your Privacy, Independence, and Dignity
  • Much More…

A Treasure Trove of Information” – P.V.

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The Unvarnished Truth

You have an estate plan.  What?  I do?

This isn’t meant to scare you, but to present the unvarnished, cold, hard truth of the legal system of probate/estate administration and how it affects you.

Yes, you do have an estate plan, the state of Arkansas has written it for you already…It’s called “intestate succession” and “guardianship.”  Both involve your family and/or you suffering through the hassles of court and judicial intervention.

During your lifetime, if you are incapacitated, in order to manage your affairs, your family will have to go to court to seek a guardianship.  That is, they ask a judge to rip your rights away and take over your decisions and life.  Your rights to make financial, legal, and medical decisions.  

After your lifetime, your family will face the seemingly endless hassles of the court system in “intestate succession.”  This is a form of probate and administration when you didn’t leave a last will and testament.  Your family ends up in court to divide up your belongings and property.  It takes at least 6 months to get done (because of legal requirements), and in the meantime, the money and property is tied up.  The lawyer gets paid first from your probate estate.

Your probate estate is divided up like this:

  • Your children split the probate real estate subject to a 1/3rd life estate of your spouse.  If you are not married, your children split the probate real estate.
  • Your spouse doesn’t get the probate real estate outright.
  • Your children get 2/3 of the other property, like money, of your estate and your spouse 1/3.
  • If you aren’t married and don’t have children, there is a table to look up who gets your stuff in the statutes.

But, there is a solution!

You can create your own plan.  And, the best way to get started is to read this book.

A Treasure Trove of Information” – P.V.

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There are Powerful Secrets for Avoiding Probate and Protecting You & Your Family Some Don’t Want You to Know

Virtually Eliminate the Chance You or Your Family Ends Up in Probate Court

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. With probate attorneys siphoning estates for BILLIONS every year, it is time for you to FIGHT BACK.

With your plan in place, you help your family AVOID THE HASSLES OF COURT, guard your assets from depletion from COMPLICATED LAWS AND REGULATIONS, and keep FINANCIAL STABILITY during crises.

It’s time to EMPOWER and PROTECT you and your loved ones.  Stop you and them from being taken advantage of by court systems and probate attorneys.

Learn the most common pitfalls, misconceptions, myths, and “folk remedies” pushed by greedy and/or unknowing lawyers that can put your plans in jeopardy.  “Plans” that can cost you and your loved ones dearly.  “Plans” that can cost you and your loved ones thousands of unnecessary dollars in fees, costs, expenses, and taxes.

Learn the best ways to avoid probate court and protecting you and your loved ones.

Learn how to work with true professionals who have your interests at heart to provide you with privacy, security, and peace of mind. … and much, much more.

A Treasure Trove of Information” – P.V.

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Gary DeWitt - Attorney-at-lawHi.  I’m Gary.

The first time Winnie and I had our estate planning done, we were young.  I remember the process was painful.  We didn’t know what was going on.  Nothing was explained to us.  We didn’t know the difference between a Will and a Trust.  Not to mention the shock we got when the Attorney handed us the bill at the end (price wasn’t discussed up front…).  We didn’t even know we should nominate temporary and permanent guardians for our children!

So, when I became an attorney, I decided to make sure that you were educated on the tools and processes.  What better way to do that than to write a book.  No more guessing and assuming what is going on.

And, I learned what worked years ago doesn’t work today.  With changes in the tax law almost every year, you need a plan that is written for the worst case and expect the best case because the law changes constantly.

Then we created a planning process that educates as much or more than it concentrates on creating the documents.  We want to plan for you for a lifetime, not just create a stack of documents.  It’s more about creating enduring relationships than writing documents to us.

A Treasure Trove of Information” – P.V.

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