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What’s in the book?

Learn from over $1,000,000 of Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax Mistakes, so you don’t have to make them yourself…

Download “Secrets of Excellent Estate Planning” to get guidance to avoid costly and serious money and personal mistakes.

By reading this Book you will be able to

  • Learn the “dirty little secrets” of estate planning – the conflicts, the losses, the places where even the “smartest” people get blindsided
  • Apply these lessons to your personal life and finally find deep down “feels good” safety for you and your family
  • See exactly where myths and self-sabotaging behavior is likely to hold you back from protecting your family and setting up a foundation for your family to truly thrive

This Book will guide you to a new found sense of peace of mind and you’ll do it with your eyes wide open

  • How to Protect Your “Stuff”
  • Dangerous Myths of Estate Planning
  • Protecting Children in the Worst Case
  • Protecting Your Parents
  • How to Avoid 37 Devastating Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Privacy, Freedoms, Rights, Decisions, and Money
  • Why a Will Alone is Not Enough
  • What You Need to Know About Wills, Trusts, Taxes, and More…

Gary DeWitt - Attorney-at-lawHi.  I’m Gary.

The first time Winnie and I had our estate planning done, we were young.  I remember the process was painful.  We didn’t know what was going on.  Nothing was explained to us.  We didn’t know the difference between a Will and a Trust.  Not to mention the shock we got when the Attorney handed us the bill at the end (price wasn’t discussed up front…).  We didn’t even know we should nominate temporary and permanent guardians for our children!

So, when I became an attorney, I decided to make sure that you were educated on the tools and processes.  What better way to do that than to write a book.  No more guessing and assuming what is going on.

And, I learned what worked years ago doesn’t work today.  With changes in the tax law almost every year, you need a plan that is written for the worst case and expect the best case because the law changes constantly.

Then we created a planning process that educates as much or more than it concentrates on creating the documents.  We want to plan for you for a lifetime, not just create a stack of documents.  It’s more about creating enduring relationships than writing documents to us.

With that in mind, we want you to get started now by downloading my book.

I just need to know where to send it.

There are Powerful Secrets for Avoiding Probate and Protecting You & Your Family Some Don’t Want You to Know

Virtually Eliminate the Chance You or Your Family Ends Up in Probate Court

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. With probate attorneys siphoning estates for BILLIONS every year, it is time for you to FIGHT BACK.

With your plan in place, you help your family AVOID COURT, guard your assets from depletion from COMPLICATED LAWS AND REGULATIONS, and keep FINANCIAL STABILITY during crises.

It’s time to EMPOWER and PROTECT you and your loved ones.  Stop you and them from being taken advantage of by court systems and probate attorneys.

Learn the most common pitfalls, misconceptions, myths, and “folk remedies” pushed by greedy and/or unknowing lawyers that can put your plans in jeopardy.  “Plans” that can cost you and your loved ones dearly.  “Plans” that can cost you and your loved ones thousands of unnecessary dollars in fees, costs, expenses, and taxes.

Learn the single best plan for avoiding probate court and protecting you and your loved ones.

And learn how to work with true professionals who have your interests at heart to provide you with privacy, security, and peace of mind. … and much, much more.

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